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Well, the first nine weeks of this school year have flown by. I am currently ill with bronchitis and missing my students. Hopefully I will return the day after tomorrow.
So much has happened since I last blogged.
The writing class I’m taking is wonderful and I’m currently reading Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird for that.
I met author Scott Westerfeld (The Uglies Trilogy) while he was out promoting his new book Leviathan.
I am currently trying to participate as much as I can in the National Novel Writing Month’s Young Writers Program by attempting to write a novel this month. I have slacked today but so far I’m doing well with that (If you could call no plot, no main characters, and no real theme an actual novel!). But the goal with that is OUTPUT so I’m churning out as many words as I can each night.
I’m also trying to start a classroom blog for my students. I was inspired by a coworker. I hope to get that up and running.
Kudos to Nancie Atwell for her New York Times article video rebuttal (to people who sent in negative feedback)that defends the reading/writing workshop! Check it out on the Heinemann website if this following video link doesn’t work:

Nancie Atwell defends the Reading Workshop


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